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If you are interested in the whole range of cabling and wiring products...
If your priority is certified quality according to the international standards and rules...
If you prefer the loyal prices and democratic conditions of cooperation...
If you are looking for professional consultation and the highest level of services...

Then, you are not mistaken in your choice, and “Investkabel” is glad to meet you on the pages of its recourses.
Our company is one of the few companies in Russia which makes the complex work on completing and delivering of cabling and wiring products to the Russian enterprises.
“Investkabel” has proven itself successfully in the import-export operations and earned unchallenged reputation among its foreign partners.
The company's management makes the steady monitoring of the cable industry and the technological know-how for customers of “Investkabel” to become the owners of all the gadgets and all the improvements in the cabling and wiring segment.

Our engineers and consultants regularly improve their skills at the best European factories which produce the electrical equipment and related materials.
Our storage areas allow us to form and store any capacity of production and, upon request of a customer, to provide the necessary categories of selected units.
We appreciate our customers and always are ready for constructive talks on capacity, prices and payment dates to meet any needs of our customers.
"Investkabel" is proud of its achievements and continues to improve, constantly expanding the assortment and upgrading the quality of accompanying services. This allows us confidently remain among the leaders of cable-conductor market and successfully develop in accordance with the requirements of a modern economy.
We value each our partner and guarantee that cooperation with us will never disappoint your most ambitious expectations!

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